Black Panther: film review

I Black Panther: (n.) A Marvel movie that tells the story of T’Challa who navigates the roles as king of Wakanda the superhero Black Panther. Wakanda is his country of technological prowess and cultural pride, an imaginary African nation that has never been colonized. Black Panther is a superhero movie celebrating black power. A miracle. II   In my American history course, I thought I … Continue reading Black Panther: film review

Bad Feminist: Book Review

Feminism is flawed, but it offers, at its best, a way to navigate this shifting cultural climate… Feminism has helped me believe my voice matters, even in this world where there are so many voices demanding to be heard. –Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay Society is moving away from generalizations, and learning to see fluidity, spectrum and multitudes. Intersectionality is a concept that comes from such … Continue reading Bad Feminist: Book Review

Behold the Dreamers: book review

[W]e need to overcome our deeply entrenched positions and resistance to nuance. Roxane Gay in “Bad Feminist”   Our world suffers from a narrative in binaries: the oppressed vs the dominant, the right vs the wrong, the visionary vs the blind, the righteous vs the despicable. The placement of every social group is subject to a rigid dichotomy. Then we assume that we can speak … Continue reading Behold the Dreamers: book review

The Greatest Showman: film review

There is much that The Greatest Showman tries to achieve, and it is not hard to see: the story of showbiz, of a man who starts with nothing , of a world-changing circus of social outcasts, of diversity, of dream-making. It nails everything: from slick cinematography to empowering songs, but it misses the one thing: emotional potency. I had been dying to see The Greatest … Continue reading The Greatest Showman: film review

Farewell My Concubine: a queer international film

Growing up, I have not seen many Chinese films that discuss sexuality, nor ones that champion the beauty and vicissitudes of art and tradition. Farewell My Concubine(霸王别姬)is one such movie. It is a film not afraid of being too difficult. It has so much pain and grace which garnered it two Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe, a Palme D’or at Cannes and many more awards. … Continue reading Farewell My Concubine: a queer international film

Literature Class: Book Review

Anyone who doesn’t read Cortázar is doomed. -Pablo Neruda Anyone who is even vaguely interested in writing should read Literature Class by Julio Cortázar, one of the finest writers of Latin America. Literature Class is the transcript of 8 lectures given by Cortázar at UC Berkeley in 1980. In these lectures, he discussed topics such as “a writer’s path” (three stages that he called aesthetic, metaphysical, and … Continue reading Literature Class: Book Review

Call Me by Your Name: film review

It’s been a long long time/ Since I’ve memorized your face/ It’s been four hours now/ Since I’ve wandered through your place/ And when I sleep on your couch/ I feel very safe/ And when you bring the blankets/ I cover up my face… And words are futile devices (Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens, a song that appears in the movie) It’s hard to encounter … Continue reading Call Me by Your Name: film review

you have to watch these this winter!

It’s not escapism; it’s a contribution to living more deeply in this reality… -Julio Cortázar in one of his classes at UC Berkeley it’s hard for me to picture life without movies, but it’s impossible for me to picture a winter season without good movies. when i was growing up in China, it was the Chinese blockbusters that always came out during Chinese New Year, … Continue reading you have to watch these this winter!

Call Me by Your Name: book review

In the weeks we’d been thrown together that summer, our lives had scarcely touched, but we had crossed to the other bank, where time stops and heaven reaches down to earth and gives us that ration of what is from birth divinely ours… we had found the stars, you and I. And this is given once only. It’s that funny feeling of powerlessness that always … Continue reading Call Me by Your Name: book review