Sonnenizio* on a Elizabeth Browning line

To one of my best friends.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Actually my friend, let us not count, for you are so much better at math than me.

Oh you accountant-to-be! if I mess with numbers you’ll laugh at me (like a frog in May,

Singing away before Summer counts 1 2 3 GO). That’s already one way I LOVE THEE.

Fine. A random list then. Do the counting yourself!

(If this counts) You are annoying. Wandering into my free time like a stray leaf,-

Why, mon bonhomme, are you so counter-wind, counter-flow, counter-norm, counter… Okay, okay, I’ll stop whining. You are awesome like an elf.

You would ask me “how are elves awesome”? You’re exact. Yet you’re random. You swear in Korean. We both don’t have a Netflix account.

I mean you ARE weird ( are you still keeping count?). You put nothing in your locker. Why?

Neat, clean-cut, like a marble kitchen counter? Kitchen! We keep planning to bake together.

…Only planning. We count our silly fails. We laugh. Pretend to sigh.

Uncounted quips when we talk. My jokes that you don’t get. Yours that I don’t get. Going to the fitness center.

You count calories. Banana strawberry smoothie. “I feel so fat.””Fat is not a feeling! No one cares if you are fat!”

The last way I love thee (did you lose count?): I don’t see why we are friends. But we are. Too bad. 😀

*The sonnenizio is invented by Kim Addonizio. It is a spin-off of a sonnet. The rules are:
  1. Begin with a line borrowed from someone else’s sonnet.
  2. Select a single word from that line and repeat it in every other line.





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