Lil Sister

An interior designer came and said, that my room

Would look so much better with a bunk bed. Oh a bunk bed!

Like a piano with two sets of keys. Sometimes they fight.

Inharmonious notes called discords. But sometimes you get a duet too.



A monk who claims to be Tibetan came and said, that because my zodiac

Is a dragon, I need a “rooster” person in my life.

Someone five years younger than me. The little chicken

That struts about in a mess of toys and sunshine, like fruit loops.


An ikebana* artist came and said, that I need some

Giddy little flowers in my room, looking at the ceiling thinking

About the smell of Hello Dollies. And that I need someone to

Run around carefree and even knock over the vase.


All these people I do not believe. But I do believe

That I want a little sister.

Just because.

Because it sounds so annoying and nice. Llllittle sssissss.


I’m repeating my old game again: walking down an alley, not looking back

Murmuring “I’m gonna count one two three, and if you don’t catch up…


I turn around. There is no little sister.


*Ikebana is a Japanese art of flower arrangement.





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