a little wisp of “nice”

A lil’ blossom. 🙂 Photo credit: Mia Xing

this little post is just to note down a not-too-big discovery today.

i was volunteering at a museum. my station today was shakespearean weapons.

we had a kettle helmet and a sword.

we also had a jousting helmet that people can put on. very heavy.

during the last week of volunteering i have picked up some “professional volunteer” lines:

  • give me a thumbs-down if it’s too heavy, okay?
  • here we gooo. can i let go now?
  • oooh you look fierce.
  • mighty face!
  • i know right, it’s amazing how they used to fight in something this heavy.
  • you don’t find it heavy? you must be very strong then.

little boy came. i put the “great helm” on for him. “can i let go?” he nodded. looked kinda wobbly. but he still hung in there. parents got a photo. i took the helmet off.

“you have very strong shoulders!” i said. just another “volunteer” line.

but when he walked away i heard him tell his parents, “she said i’ve very strong shoulders.” proud smile.

well boy. i’m not a fitness expert or anything, but…

even just a casual compliment counts. it gives people a little blossom, as small as this all lower-case letter post. they wear it around, and they don’t even need to think that you meant it whole-heartedly. it just gives them a warm fuzzy flower of “nice“.

give out more flowers of nice. 😉



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