Refresh!(Back to School)

In response to Daily Post’s daily prompt: Refresh.

REFRESH is a tricky button on your computer. Sometimes you just turned on your laptop and you just feel like REFRESHING and REFRESHING and REFRESHING, because it feels really fresh. Sometimes your computer is lagging so much, so you press REFRESH, and you… lose all your work.

The same thing goes for life.

My bunny Gabby puts on school tie,- time to hop to schoool! Photo credit: Mia Xing

Yup, I am being all emotional and weird because… My 18-day March break is officially over. This morning I woke up to a gloomy, rainy and winter-spring-ni-oui-ni-non weather. Ughhh. Since school started on Tuesday, I’ve been sulky like soggy cereal every day at breakfast, and I would just suddenly feel impatient.

But things are unfolding. It is time to refresh. Just like how this post is so cursory and hasty, I am still in a slightly rusty state, but I do realize that the REFRESH button is already pressed, and I am refreshing in super slow motion. Like on a computer, you press REFRESH and you sometimes lose everything,- all that March break fun, WIZZZZ, it’s just gone. But friends, schoolwork and Toronto’s painful inching towards spring, does tell me, and everyone, that it’s time to press REFRESH.


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