Green veggies? Or Cream Cookies?

The everyday dilemma. Photo credit: Mia Xing

In response to Daily Post’s daily prompt, green.

“If I ask for your chocolate this week, tackle me.” I told my roommate. That’s just one of my numerous desperate attempts to “stay healthy”. But all of these attempts turn out to be somewhat sketchy… which is just a euphemism for failing.

When I am running and dying on that treadmill, and listening to the “Into the Woods”  soundtrack just to distract myself, I can’t help but wonder how the baker’s mother could want “Greens, greens, nothing but greens” when she was pregnant. Ugh… I wish I lived in fairy tales.

I did not keep count of how many times I’ve tried to turn on the “healthy mode”, mostly because that would also be the number of times I failed, miserably. My “healthy mode” means no chocolate, no dessert, no random snacking, lots of fruits and salads, and working out every day. I don’t like to call it my “diet” just because I’m not trying to lose weight or anything. I do it because it makes me feel fresh, and fit, and… okay, maybe just one tad… thinner.

Perhaps not coincidentally, every time I start my grand ambitious plan, all sorts of delicious but “bad” stuff just blitz into my life. The school cafe is serving S’mores bars, or their surreal butter tarts, or even, mac n cheese for hot lunch. My roommate goes to get discounted chocolate, and somehow everyone is just offering each other tons of heavenly niceties. I’d usually be able to carry on for a bit more than a week, then I’d slip all the way back into “YOLO”ing the snacks and desserts again.

So this post is just an attempt to figure it out. It probably won’t be anymore successful than my attempts to turn on “healthy mode”, but maybe it could be something to prime the pump, and to start a conversation about lifestyle and diet.

Well, why is it hard to stay on “healthy mode” for me? Because holy guacamole, I love life. (Oddly, guacamole is one thing I don’t love.) I mean, I love food. It is so hard to just walk past the desserts and trudge instead all the way to grab an orange, or an apple, or a banana.

Plus, sometimes turning down a dessert is more than just turning down a blob of sugar and fat. When you and your friend are both done eating, and you both feel like trying that huge coconut macaroon they’re serving… but you have to say “Um, no. Ha, no.”So neither of you get to try it.

What’s even harder is when, say, you’re in a photography class outside of school, your teacher decides to walk all the way to Tim Hortons and get donuts for your entire class, and everyone is bent upon deciding “honey dip or Boston cream”, your stomach and your heart just won’t let you say “I’m not getting anything”.

So it’s a social pressure thing, then? It’s hard to not eat sweet stuff because it’s rude and makes you a weirdo to turn people down? It’s hard because you have to have a passion for life, aka food, and you need to carpe diem and embrace all the brownies and sundaes? I don’t think that’s the case. There are people who love eating, there are people who don’t enjoy food as much, there are people who love food but think being fit is more important, and then there are people like me, stuck between YOLOing all the food and being fresh and fit. My answer so far, is that it’s a personal choice.

And now for the question even harder to mount.

Why do people like to keep trying going on diets or becoming fit? Why do I do it? Because it makes me feel fresh, because working out prepares me for our gym exam, and… because when summer comes, I wouldn’t have to worry about the fat on my arms or my thighs.

Does that mean it’s a body image thing? It’s about how our society likes to be thin? Again, NON. Some people try to go on a diet or work out just to up their will power. Some people do it because they want to lose some weight. And again, I am just a mix of the two types, I guess. I don’t think there is anything wrong in this.

After all, life is like a S’mores bar. It’s kinda sticky, it’s not that clear. But I’d say it tastes good.

I mean, it tastes like the best.


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