Frabjous Frabjous

Can you spot the Alice? PC: Mia Xing
In response to Daily Post’s daily prompt: dream. Inspired by Lewis Caroll, a tribute to the movie coming out soon, Alice Through the Looking Glass.

You serenade the alarm clock into a snooze,

The bed jumps out of you,

Pick up your blue toothbrush, bluetooth it with your phone

And Music listens to you while your teeth brush themselves against

A harp. Plink Plonk.


‘Tis a frabjous day.

Bread-and-butter-flies in your garden, amongst breadfruit trees.

Breakfast, you calculate the Vector of your cereal bowl

Check your phone to see your plan for yesterday

Ran down upstairs for your turtle-neck-lace,  wear it with your portmanteau


On your way to work, place coins on a crossword puzzle

Because you want to coin more words together

When you suddenly remember what happened next year

Taking out your agenda so that you can cross it out

Then for some reason your alarm clock woke up.


I am fluent in gibberish, English and Mandarin.

Him, in “Canadian”, jokes, and apologies.

Her, in Japanese, English and celebrities.

But we are all fluent in the language of dreams.




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