The Quote Challenge- Day 1

Thanks autumnchocolatebooks for nominating me for the quote challenge!

So here’s how this magical thing works-

  1. For three consecutive days, you have to post a quote.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who has nominated you.
  3. Each day you have to nominate three different bloggers.
  4. Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.

You can even say that I hated myself at certain periods. I was too fat, or maybe too tall, or maybe just plain too ugly … you can say my definiteness stems from underlying feelings of insecurity and inferiority. I couldn’t conquer these feelings by acting indecisive. I found the only way to get the better of them was by adopting a forceful, concentrated drive.                                     — Audrey Hepburn

When I was little I used to think I am an old soul. Thinking back on it, I don’t know if that is true, but it is true that my first celebrity role model was an old Hollywood star. I mean, who doesn’t like Audrey Hepburn? Being the 10-ish-year-old girl I was, I did, of course, admire her look very much. And then I started doing an intensive research on her- found out she speaks 6 languages, was the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, and for me, she was just the most awesome human being ever.

Hepburn has many well-known quotes, all of them reflecting a sparkling, wise, confident, loving and happy soul. But it is this one that inspires me the most- Audrey Hepburn talking about her down times, and offering the truest advice ever: you don’t get over self-doubt by doubting yourself even more, you do it by forcing yourself to be decisive, driven and open to challenges.

This is not the schadenfreude of seeing the not-so-glam sides of a luminary. I connect to this quote because it is so true, and I would even venture to acknowledge that this is what I am  sometimes coping with right now. I think this quote is much needed, by me and by the world.

So… today’s nominations are:



Marianne@along the side of the road

See you tomorrow!





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