5 Things a Chinese Girl Knows

  1. Whisking eggs with chopsticks. Slightly more satisfying than with a whisk. You feel more in control. The warm yellow substance is thick, not sticky, though. Like a liquid pudding. And you hear the chopsticks flitting past the inside of the bowl. Click. Click. Click.
  2. No swimming or ice-cream on your period. Just no.
  3.  Eating cake and dissecting pizza with chopsticks. Chopsticks’re great. They can do anything for you. They can be a knife, a fork, or, something to use to dip into the soup and then sip. Slurp slurp.
  4. Some people around you are going to tell you to be modest, tender and quiet, stay in the house so you wouldn’t get tanned. Fair skin is considered pretty. But you aren’t going to be modest, tender and quiet, because you know decades ago Chinese women had their marriages arranged when they’re toddlers and didn’t get to pick their husbands. (Let alone wives). You are not going to sit your sadness on your elbows, look out the window and think of ancient stories about running away. As for staying in the house to not get tanned? Sunshine feels good. Flaunt the crop top.
  5. Food is good. Korean dramas are good.

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