Currently Reading: Like Water for Chocolate

Book: Like Water for Chocolate: A novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances and Home Remedies

Author: Laura Esquirel

Genre: fiction/romance/magical realism 🌟


🐢 🐢 It’s been two weeks since I’ve last been here rambling about my life!

I had two school trips back to back, and schoolwork has been multiplying itself and life has been spinning out of hand, beyond the reach of my fingertips with bitten nails.

BUT! Here I am and I’ve discovered an amazing book.

I am currently reading Like Water or Chocolate… and am not ashamed to say that I am only on page 19. I am on page 19 and I am already dying to share it! 🐢🐢

🌺 Like Water for Chocolate was published in 1989. Apparently it was very successful in the Spanish-speaking world as well as in the states, but unfortunately I was not born yet. I didn’t know this book existed until I found it on this random book list.


🌞 The premise was instantly enthralling it was a family story in the turning-of-the-century Mexico, told in the form of monthly recipes, and laced with magical realism. It made perfect sense to me: the idea bridged the melodrama of romance and the quotidian charm of food and cooking.🌞🌞

“… Tita made her entrance into this world, prematurely, right there on the kitchen table amid the smells of simmering noodle soup, thyme, bay leaves, and cilantro, steamed milk, garlic, and, of course, onion.”

So far it follows the story of the narrator’s great-aunt Tita, who is denied marriage and can only express her love through cooking.

💗 The language 💗 is simple but the cooking terminology and instructions make the writing very pretty. I can already tell that it feels less overwrought than The Joy Luck Club.

It is a short little book and I can’t wait to work my way through it!

⁉️⁉️What’s your favourite book that talks about a different culture? (examples, The Joy Luck Club, House on Mango Street…)

Also I had a fantabulous birthday 🎂🎈 full of love and cards and cake icing. It happened at camp Couchiching, and the best thing is that the Hamilton: an American Musical documentary came out on that day. I will probably post a review of that documentary later.

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