You need to listen to these… Right now!

I. Am. Deceased. Since when, world?! Since when did you start being so good to me?

SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC!! New Moana track, new Alicia Keys album, new Hamilton mixtape track by freaking Sia, and a new Leslie Odom Jr album…

So here are some tracks and albums that have me cray cray this week. You should definitely give them a listen. (I included the Spotify links)



Alicia Keys’s new album is electric, socially-conscious and absolutely beautiful. It feels grittier, rougher, rawer and braver. It’s about sex, love, race, pacifism and strength. In “Holy War”, she sings “What if sex was holy and war was obscene/ And it wasn’t twisted, what a wonderful dream”. It’s just extremely sobering and mind-blowing.

2. Simply Christmas by Leslie Odom Jr.


In case you don’t know who Leslie Odom Jr. is, he is an amazing actor and singer, Tony award winner, the nemesis of Alexander Hamilton in the musical HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL, and my current go-to artist for some life-changing modern jazz. His voice is like chocolate milk- it just flows and it’s so sweet and still has so much space.

His christmas album, Simply Christmas, came out yesterday at midnight. And as a person who doesn’t even celebrate Christmas, I never thought I’d be listening to songs like Ave Maria over and over again. But I am. The vocals of this album is stunning, and it just feels so wintery.

If you haven’t heard Leslie sing before, here’s his cover of Good for You by Selena Gomez! Let me just say, it’s even better than the original.

3. The Hamilton Mixtape: Sia, Kelly Clarkson…


Just listen. You’ll be blown away.

Last night Lin-Manuel Miranda (the genius behind the musical Hamilton and my ultimate secret crush) released two more tracks, one of them is Satisfied by Sia, and the other one Immigrants by K’NAAN, which I think is very timely in face of the election.


4. Moana: How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara


Our own Canadian Alessia Cara. Singing in Moana aka the Disney movie I’ve been looking forward to for months. This world loves me.

And the song sounds amazing.

I’m just derping around on Spotify, and life keeps hitting the right note!

6 thoughts on “You need to listen to these… Right now!

  1. Great suggestions. I’m trying to get into Alicia Keys’s new album at the moment. Some great stuff on there. Do you ever feature your writing with any other music websites?


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