The Hamilton Book Tag

I am super late to this book tag but I am so excited to do it!

Because as you probably already know I am such an incurable Hamilton trash (and just in general a Broadway trash), and a bit of a book nerd, so this tag is perrrrf.

This book tag is created by the awesome Maureen Keevy on Youtube! All the way back in February! But that’s okay… I saw it on the blog Downright Dystopian, and it is amazing.

I was not tagged by anyone, but I mean, how do you say no to a tag like this. I don’t say no to this (i know, i’m so full of Hamilton puns).


⭐️The Room Where it Happens: A book you’d put yourself in⭐️
Harry Potter.

Duh. What else do you expect.

I love almost all the books I’ve read, but in terms of world-building, there ain’t no way you gon beat J.K. the-freaking-quenn Rowling.

⭐️The Schuyler Sisters: An underrated female character⭐️
Alice from Alice in Wonderland

I think Alice is greatly under-appreciated. She is so brave, compassionate and full of curiosity, but we often just think of her as this random Disney kid with no love interest.

⭐️My Shot: a character that goes after what they want and don’t let anything stop them⭐️


For me, a character that goes after what they want and doesn’t let anything stop them is definitely Oskar from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.

To solve the mystery of his father’s death during the September 11 attack, he explores everything and everywhere in New York.

He is only 9 years old, but his mind is a lot more sophisticated, much like Alexander Hamilton.


⭐️Burn: the most heartbreaking end to a relationship⭐️


I just did not enjoy the Selection series as a whole. I was definitely not on team Aspen, but I just think the way America and Maxon fell in love was so pathetic.

I just hate the idea of the whole “selection”system, so I did not like the way this relationship worked out.


⭐️You’ll Be Back: Sassiest Villain⭐️

Madame Morrible from the book Wicked. And dang her outfits are so on point in the musical.


⭐️The Reynolds Pamphlet: a book with a plot twist you didn’t see coming⭐️


I can finally include this book! Yippee! The ending was so surprising but so satisfying. I didn’t know Blue would turn out to be… I’m not telling. 😈

⭐️Non-Stop: a series you marathoned

Errr… I don’t really let myself marathon series, because I get so into it and become emotionally wrecked. Always.


⭐️Satisfied: favourite book with multiple POV⭐️

Right now it is The Unraveling of Mercy Louis. It’s told from two perspectives it’s just SOOOO good.

⭐️Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: a book/series that will be remembered through history

The HUNGER GAMES trilogy!!!! I think it really started the dystopian trend in the YA realm, so that’s quite something.


⭐️Stay Alive: a character you wish was still alive

Will. Will Trayner from Me Before You. Wait, what? Who said he died? He’s such a precious cinnamon roll. No HE DIDN’T DIE!!! I REFUSE!!💔



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I tag:

any Hamiltrash out there!



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