Finally, a Marvel Movie that’s not Self Serious |Doctor Strange Movie Review


Duh, I went to see Doctor Strange, because it is Benedict Cumberbatch💗. But I ended up loving the movie as a whole, and I’d even say that it restored my faith in Marvel.

It’s a superhero movie that showcases sorcery, mandalas and multi-universe theories- very trippy elements, not easy to handle. It could have well turned out to be a shady motivational colouring book.

But it did not, which was surprising and amazing.


Plot summary:

Doctor Stephen Strange is an excellent neurosurgeon, until his hands get destroyed in a car accident. So he goes to Nepal in hope to heal his hands, and joins an enclave led by a sorcerer named the Ancient One. The Ancient One and her disciples are able to bend time and space, and they are fighting against unseen dark forces. Doctor Strange has to choose whether to leave behind everything he knows and save the world, or to heal his hands and go back to normal.

Character + Acting!!

teach me.gif

Doctor Strange is not an immediately likeable character. He is arrogant and obnoxious, but he’s willing to improve. And Benedict Cumberbatch played him in a way that was so real and so relatable. His despair, his (sometimes off) sense of humour, his human-ness, and of course, his fabulous face <3.


What I liked:

Despite all the psychedelic elements, the movie was not too self-serious.

Yes, there is all the fighting against the “dark forces” going on, but the real world we live in is also very tangible in the story. There is also a lot of humour and love in the plot, which is great ❤ ❤

I love the idea of the mirror dimension– a dimension where the sorcerers fight, but it never affects the real world. It felt like the most convincing world-building Marvel has ever done. Maybe there are superheroes fighting to protect this world??? but they’re just in the mirror dimension and we can’t see them. That’s a neat idea.

doctor strange gif 1.gif

Also, the visual effects are GORGEOUS. The CGI of Doctor Strange is inspired by a video game called Inception, and it just looks amazing. The superheroes and villains are able to bend space, so it looks like a freaking kaleidoscope with people running in it.


The only thing I did not like:

I actually hated this! There has been so much racism controversy surrounding this movie, and I think the criticism is well deserved.

Seeing the librarian Wong on screen was not a nice experience. He was one of the only two Asian characters, and he does not get any pop culture references or jokes that Doctor Strange makes. It felt like just another stereotypical character there to be another punchline. 😦


🌟If you also saw the movie, what did you think of it? If not, definitely go see it!!!


3 thoughts on “Finally, a Marvel Movie that’s not Self Serious |Doctor Strange Movie Review

  1. Why would Wong get Beyonce jokes if he’s from a completely different culture than Strange? How is that racism? …So, if EVERYONE doesn’t get any pop culture reference and they are not white it’s racist?

    What bothered me was the fact that they changed the Ancient One from an old Asian man to a young white woman. If you want to cry racism (or sexism) there is a good place to start.

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    1. Thanks for the insight! I guess you’re right about Wong. I didn’t realize he is from Tibet (or somewhere else?). I’d love to look into the original story more.
      And yes the Ancient One being played by Tilda Swinton is annoying, and the Marvel studio said it was because of sensitivities over Tibet in China… the politics of movies is kinda tricky 👹


  2. Got to catch this in IMAX 3D so I was completely blown away. I loved it! A hero I actually am interested in, a world I’m invested in, and a great setup for future movies and integration with the other existing hero worlds. I was initially against Tilda Swinton, but her performance was great. And it’s not like the sin of Ghost in the Shell or Aloha where they are trying to pass Scarlett or Emma as Asian. Ancient One is Celtic. They said it. So you know..still matches. Since the Dark Dimension extends life, totally plausible that their current Sorcerer Supreme was from ancient Celtic times. They had a rich history of shamanism before they were killed off by the Romans. And the magic could preserve appearance too. Basically, they didn’t try to pull the wool over our eyes and made it as reasonable as they could. Still loved it and glad you did too!

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