Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

My life has been changed! Forever! (*passes out because of overjoy)


I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Friday night!!!! On the first day it came out! And it was so amazing! And I truly believe that I JUST WITNESSED HISTORY…

And I bought the screenplay! It is so pretty and has design on every page.


It was such an fantastic movie. It was everything I wanted it to be. Gahhh I don’t even know where to start.

The plot

Newt Scamander is a British magizoologist. He traveled to New York with a suitcase full of his “fantastic beasts”. He encounters a no-maj (the term for an American muggle) Mr Jacob Kowalski, and meets Tina and Queenie, two sisters who are both wizards.


By accident, the creatures escaped from the suitcase, and it was a very untimely escape, bring Newt into a battle for the city’s very soul.

It is amazing because now we finally get to see a wizarding community in the United States. I mean, the United States! New York! That’s almost Canada!

I really do wish J.K. Rowling write a HP story set in Canada in the future. 


Eddie Redmayne ❤

I can’t. I just can’t. I have always been obsessed with Eddie and now the obsession level just swirled out of control… He is so perfectly cast for this role (I mean he is perfect for any role). His Newt was unabashedly nerdy yet so charming.

Newt is kind, brave and makes you root for him every time.


Also, the mating dance that he does in order to seduce a giant magic rhinoceros… priceless.

Muggle/No-maj representation 😀

I also love how a muggle/no-maj (an ordinary person with no magic) plays such a pivotal role in the story.

I adore Mr Jacob Kowalski. If I were a muggle, he is the type of muggle I aspire to be. He is funny, brave, a great friend and jumps right into things. He barged into the wizarding world by accident, but he is unfazed and helpful.



The visual effects

“The graphics were so good that it almost felt less real. I mean, nothing looks so good in real life.” said my friend.

Indeed, the movie is beyond pretty, especially the parts when they are in the suitcase with magical creatures.

The Demiguise is one of my favourite magical creatures.
All in all…

There is so much more I want to blurt out, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

I just can’t wait for the next 4 Fantastic Beasts movies to come out! (They’re making 5 movies, can you believe it??!!!)

Do yourself a favour, and go watch this fantastic piece of work. Also here is Eddie Redmayne doing his mating dance with Jimmy Fallon.



5 thoughts on “Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  1. I saw it on the second day but I didn’t care for the era and dare I say it bored me, but I loved reading the screenplay after watching the movie. It gave me time for everything to sink in and I appreciate it more now. Thanks for visiting.

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