Recipe of me tag

I saw this tag on Lia‘s awesome blog Lost in a Story, and it looks like so much fun, so thanks Lia for encouraging me to do it!

It is created by Trisha from That Slytherin Writer, and the rules are:

  • Tag the creator
  • Tag 5 other people
  • Be a unicorn today and take it away
  • Give a method that you feel is the ‘recipe of you’.

1. Collect the fungi that lives in sloth fur. Get some sloth spirit in there.


2. Mush in lots of music. Lots of books.

3. Extract and add in grapefruit juice.


4. Since I’m from China, find your favourite type of Chinese food and add it in.


5. Pour in the entire Hamilton soundtrack. Then crack in a wisp of Norah Jones, because I LOVE HER.

norah jones.jpg

6. Drops of rainbow.

7. Throw in some melted butter, ambition and laziness.

8. Add in the type of magical book alcohol that causes book hangovers.

9. Make a campfire out of your awesomeness and bake me in the Sahara desert.

10. Now you can eat me with some marshmallow and Ice Tea.

🌵I tag (feel free to not do it but if you do end up doing it, IT IS SO MUCH FUN!)

Froggy Life 78

Ramblings of a bookworm






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