🎬❄️Movies to Watch over the Holidays!❄️🎬

Nocturnal Animals (already released)

nocturnal animals.jpg

So my friend and I had the following conversation.

“Yo, what’s Nocturnal Animals about?”

“Dark facts… One finding out the dark side of oneself… I just feel like it’s Oscar worthy.”

That might sound absolutely ignorant and generic, but that IS why I want to see Nocturnal Animals even though I don’t even know what it’s about… (and also it IS true that all Oscar-worthy movies are about dark facts)

It’s a story about reconciling with one’s past. Amy Adams plays an art gallery owner. She receives a manuscript from her first husband. The manuscript tells the story of a teacher who finds a family trip turning into a nightmare. As she reads on, she is forced to examine her dark past.

nocturnal-animals-amy-adams-image.jpgA psychological thriller may not sound like the most festive thing, but if you want to snuggle up with someone and have an excuse to grab their hand during nerve-wracking scenes, Nocturnal Animals is something to consider.

As well, with Tom Ford as the director, it just looks absolutely stunning. And then there’s Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. 😍

Passengers (December 21)

Some sci-fi? Romance? Jennifer Lawrence awesomeness? Chris Pratt’s down-to-earth charm?

Passengers is about two people who wake up 90 years too early from a hibernation on their trip to a new planet. And they kinda have no choice but to work together and… fall in love.

The trailer looks adorable, and it appears to be a gripping, bold and witty story.


La La Land (December 16)

To me, La La Land just looks like the perfect winter season movie. It’s a musical. It is pretty, nostalgic and full of love. It is also by the director of Whiplash, a movie I absolutely enjoyed. Also, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone seem to have great chemistry, and their friendship in real life somehow only make their on-screen romance more convincing.

It follows the story of Mia, an actress, and Sebastian, a jazz artist. Both of them are in LA pursuing their dreams.

It is exquisite yet full of passion and joy and gah… I just can’t wait.



I just saw Moana yesterday, and it is everything I dreamed it to be. It was funny, brave and beautiful. At the same time, the love between Moana and her grandma just… oh my poor heartstrings.

The songs are also amazing. If you are looking for something to watch with your fam, go watch Moana.





It’s a 2002 movie, but it’s never too late for a stunning biopic movie that won two Oscars.

I’ve always been fascinated by Frida Kahlo- she is someone I would aspire to be in another life, and the movie looks so rich with colours and emotions. Salma Hayek does an amazing job in it as well.

If you have a solid two hours to dive into someone else’s life and learn about a beautiful human being, go find Frida.

papas frida.png


3 thoughts on “🎬❄️Movies to Watch over the Holidays!❄️🎬

  1. I have Silence, Collateral Beauty, and Live By Night on my list for December as well. I gotta watch my Liam Neesons. Liam Neesons is. My. Jam. Hahah. And Collateral Beauty looks great as long as it doesn’t turn into two hours of actors desperately begging for an Oscar. Any thoughts on those?


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