check these out | please stop saying 2016 sucks

i know, 2016 was pretty crappy.

there are things we don’t want happening coming into the spotlight: isis, Paris, Nice, the Orlando shooting, donald trump.

there are people we love fading out of the spotlight: david bowie, alan rickman, prince, muhammad ali, leonard cohen, carrie fisher, debbie reynolds…

but it had some good things too: the return of Gilmore Girls


the triumph of Hamilton the musical


all the good movies such as Moonlight, Moana and Rogue One. 




Leonardo DiCaprio getting his Oscar. finally.


descendants of the sun.


and i know a year in review is not as simple as a math equation- positive things don’t just come in and cancel out negative, horrible things, but seeing that 2016 is still here, lingering and trying not to screw up its last 2 days, let’s stop saying 2016 sucks. 

so here are two things that made me happy and hopeful lately:

Yuri on Ice | anime


“who knew we’d all be watching a homoerotic sports anime 😂” said my friend.

don’t worry, Yuri on Ice is not actually homoerotica. it is an anime about figure skating. what’s so great about it is its awesome character development and canon gay cutest-couple-ever characters (yaaaaas).

yuri a.gif

Yuri Katsuki is a japanese competitive figure skater. he just hit rock bottom in the previous international skating event. one day, his idol, world champion Victor Nikiforov comes along and declares that he is going to be yuri’s coach. yuti starts training for the upcoming Grand Prix competition.

this anime is so cute and just fills my heart with joy and hope. it is simple, but who said things need to be complicated? also the skating animation is amazing.


Check Please | webcomic


so there’s this wonderful webcomic on tumblr… and it’s about hockey players. and one of them- Eric Bittle the main character, likes baking pies and Beyoncé and vlogging.

what i love about Check Please is that while it is about the romance between Bittle and Jack, it’s not only that. it has amazing side characters, so much sub plot, so much chirping, and it teaches you about hockey culture. it’s just so much fun.

jack and bitt.jpg

people making art just makes me really happy. whatever your way of relaxing is, make sure to treat yo’self. after all, we’ve all managed to trudge thru 2016 and we all deserve a lil’ pat on the back.

treat yo'self.gif



5 thoughts on “check these out | please stop saying 2016 sucks

  1. I loved this post, and you are so right. 2016 was hard, but there was a lot to enjoy. (YES on Gilmore Girls!)

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Yuri on Ice, but I don’t even know where to see it. Help?


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