2016: on the edge of seventeen | a year of snippets

i miss what i already have, and i surround myself with things that are missing.

-from “extremely loud & incredibly close” by jonathan safran foer

here’s a lil’ gif that i made
new year’s eve- hair

on the last day of the year 2016, i cut my hair, something i’ve wanted to do since september. then i went to line up for half an hour to buy a cheesecake.



december- cranberry, sprouts and the milky way

the last assembly until winter break, the principal of our school, who likes to give semi-improvised speeches that go all over the place, tried to fathom the idea of triviality and greatness. one minute she gave an example of everybody fighting over the last cranberry and sprouts in the supermarket before holidays kick in, and the next minute she said, “now i want you to see something truly beautiful.”

she pulled up a slideshow she made of what are probably stock images of the milky way, and asked us to all stand up and dance.


my fav quote from all the books i read this year. a bit sappy. i mean, hella sappy, but it’s true.

Maybe love doesn’t require falling after all, maybe it just requires that you choose to be in it.

-“we are the ants”
november- the dog days are over
october- birthday

it’s kind of sad but also cute how you can go on facebook and look at all the birthday wishes you got, and that’s the fastest and easiest way to validate yourself. but overall cute.

summer- hamilton and touristing

What is a legacy? it’s planting seeds in a garden you’ll never see.

ham gif.gif

Qinghai and Taiwan


may- cupcakes in jars

it was one of my best friends’ birthday, and Key and i finished our triathlon training after school, and then called the cake place, begged them to not close and wait for us to get there. then we went and ordered cupcakes that came in jars, feeling a lot more accomplished than we probably should.

march-rainbows and shakespeare

sometimes just because you didn’t know, doesn’t mean you were confused.


february 7, 2016, this baby blog was created and my word-vomiting began therein.

from that moment on i’ve gained 145 followers. y’all are great and fill my heart with so much love. whenever i think of you people reading my rambles i get this idiotic grin on my face.

the edge of 2017

january 2nd, 2017. i went to niagara falls and tried to capture the water illuminated at night, without a tripod.

the shutter speed at 15 seconds, i had to hold the camera as still as possible for what probably added up to 5 minutes. then i got the perfect and final shot.

isn’t it funny how we have to stay still in order to capture something rapidly moving?






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