elephant in the room

none of us in my family is very good at communicating our emotions, so this is how it feels when we’re having a fight but still trying to have dinner like nothing happened.

the elephant in the room

was the largest of us all

it kicked off its slippers and sat

on the dinner table


it was hard to talk because words

had to travel, to thump against, to pierce

through its skin- thick like your voice

stagnant after staying silent for minutes


and it was hard to swallow because

how can you when the whole room reeks of

things unseen. unsaid. how can you



when you can’t even

map out a smile




5 thoughts on “elephant in the room

  1. It’s too bad that we all can’t learn to be a bit more vulnerable with each other; thereby being more free to speak our minds-I know all about silence and wish never to live it again. Sooner or later, even years later, it will surface–trunk and all.

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