Beauty and the Beast Book Tag


Hello y’all! To celebrate the gorgeous new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out in March, I decided to do the Beauty and the Beast Book Tag!

Thank you bookfandom1001 for creating this awesomeness and recommending me to do it. Their blog is amazing so GO CHECK IT OUT BEFORE YOU READ MY TAG!

Rules : 

1)Tag at least four people
2)Thank the creator                                  
3)Make sure you answer honestly 

So here we gooooo!

belle.jpgBelle: someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for someone they love? 


Katniss!!!! Katniss Ever-Freaking-Deen! In the Hunger Games trilogy, she sacrificed herself for Prim and volunteered to be the tribute. (*loud sob) My feelings!


beastBeast: A good character development? 


Ari and Dante from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. They both grew so much and learned to love each other and their families. I will protect these precious cinnamon rolls to my last breath.

lumiere.jpgLumiere: A character that gives good relationship advice?


Hmm… this one’s tough. I’m gonna say Alison from Fun Home. (also Fun Home is this amazing autobiography/ graphic novel made into a musical. It’s amazing.) She is a lesbian cartoonist, and in this book, she reflects on her relationship with her dad, who was gay and committed suicide.

Also in the musical, after she makes out with her first girlfriend, she sings this hilarious and beautiful song called Changing My Major.


cog.jpgCogsworth: A loyal character 

kids of appetite.jpg

Mad from Kids of Appetite. I just started reading the book this week, and Mad is so amazing. Here’s her character description in the story: “New Year’s darling. Punk cut, Elliott Smith, Venn diagrams, realness.” It’s a great book so make sure you check it out.

teapotMrs. Potts: a character that you would want as a mom


Luna Lovegood from Harry PotterShe probably won’t be the best at taking care of me, but she’s so cool and I love her.


gaston.pngGaston: A character you hate that everybody else loves

Probably America from The Selection. I just don’t like this series. Yikes.

enchantress.jpgThe Enchantress: A person who put a curse on someone


Lucinda from Ella Enchanted. Well technically she bestowed the “gift” of obedience upon Ella, but not being able to say no really got Ella into a crap-ton of trouble.I read the book when I was in elementary school, but I still love it.

I tag:


Nerdybirdy @ Daydreaming Books



Lia @ Lost In A Story

Ines @ Travelling inside books


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