Oscar Noms Om Nom Nom- 14 for La La Land and 6 for Black Actors

wrote this yesterday and wanted to share the pure BLISS with y’all

oscars just made my day.

La La Land won 14 nominations and i am LIVING.


also as for best original song, i think Moana should get that one, so that Lin-Manuel Miranda would be one step closer to having Grammy, Tonys, Oscars and Emmys.


and 6 nominations for black actors. Yes. Yessssss.

hidden figures.jpg
Hidden Figures!!!!!

some extra sweetness to make yo day. x, mia


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  1. I was pleased to see many nominations for terrific actors of color this year. I don’t get to see movies (besides children’s movies!) at the theater the past few years with crazy schedules and a little one, but I REALLY want to see La La Land, Moonlight, and Hidden Figures!

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    1. mia says:

      I know! It’s amazing to see the progress they’re making bit by bit in inclusion. I haven’t checked out Moonlight and Hidden Figures yet, but as far as I know, La La Land is worth experiencing in the theatre. The cinematography just blows you away. ❤

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