“Spring Day” by BTS


so in case you don’t know what BTS is, it’s a super popular kpop group; and in case you don’t know what kpop is, (you really should reflect on your life choices) it’s South Korean pop music, a genre with stunning choreography, great songs and STYYYYLE.

it’s so typical of me to like the videography better than the song itself, but anyways, here are some gifs to appreciate how beautiful this video is.

i mean just look at all these anamorphic shots and this colour palette. it’s so sweet and poppin’… and the flawless faces, of course (cough cough).

it’s also based on a book called The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, although i didn’t really understand what happened in the MV…

i’m starting to really appreciate kpop (more like rapidly descend into the fandom) for how great the songs are (duh) and how creative some of their videos are. i don’t think there’s pop music from any other country that has such thoughtful and visually pleasing videos. especially the videos by BTS.

it’s an industry full of really dedicated people who keep breaking grounds but are still mainstream. in fact they kind of define what mainstream looks like, especially in asia, and they work so hard and sing and dance so well… (and they’re not bad to look at 😉). i have no idea what they sing because i don’t understand korean, but it doesn’t seem to be a barrier.

i hope i’ve convinced you to check this out.


35 thoughts on ““Spring Day” by BTS

  1. I’m a huge fan of BTS as well!! I don’t know if I can myself a kpop fan because, although I know a lot of groups, I usually only listen to BTS songs. I agree, this MV was so aesthetically pleasing!! Their director is seriously amazing ❤

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    1. thanks for dropping by! i don’t want to disappoint you, but to be honest i don’t listen to a lot of kpop other than BTS either. i like quite a few songs by BLACKPINK (BOOMBAYAH), SEVENTEEN (Don’t Wanna Cry, Swimming Fool), WINNER (Really Really), and i’ll let you know if i think of anything else! ❤

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