When in Aix-en-Provence: I

i took part in an exchange program at school, so i had the chance to spend three weeks in Aix-en-Provence, France. it has been the best 3 weeks of my life.

apart from eating way too much cheese, i have also been introduced to way too much french music in france. of course, being the nerd that i am, i enjoy such cultural/musical/spiritual exchange very much, so here’s a few of my favourites that also describe my experience with aix so far.

toronto–> paris–> marseilles

i slept for two hours at home before going to the airport, because sleeping on a flight to france- the most exciting thing that ever happened to me? nope. not part of the plan.

flying to paris was smoooooth, and right away i could tell that we had the best exchange crew ever. my friends and i had so much fun on the plane (of course, we still got a few hours of sleep).

the rough part was flying from paris to marseilles. after being directed to the wrong places a couple times, going down a long hallway and going back, walking across the airport, the AirFrance lady told us that we are not allowed to fly alone as minors. therefore…

Kennedy ended up with a “bodyguard”- as tall and intimidating as bodyguards come, who accompanied her to board the plane.

the Tracols

my host family is the best thing that ever happened to me. not only do they have a fat grumpy cat that is the epitome of adorableness, but they also have a huge house and big hearts.

and a lot of cheese.


french cuisine is indeed the best thing ever.

the first evening, i didn’t know how to say “i’m full” in french (life lesson: they do not say JE SUIS PLEIN, kids), so they taught me that it is J’EN PEUX PLUS. now it is a phrase i use every night, because there is so much to eat.



yes, french people are very pretty and fashionable. yes, french students smoke. and yes, school is fun.

my first day of school was very overwhelming. there are people talking to me, namely GUYS talking to me, and they’re talking in french, and the next thing i realize, i have to do la bise.

my partner is a very hip/cool/friendly/wonderful person (obviously i’m a bit biased here), and she has a lot of friends. all of them have so many questions for me, and the first thing they wanted to teach me was how to swear in French. luckily, my partner tried to stop them.

my partner also has a boyfriend, so at first it was weird for me to tag along everywhere. but now we’ve become friends and it feels more natural. and here’s how to say third-wheeling in French: TENIR LA CHANDELLE.

on Wednesday, we visited a bunch of places in Provence.

Les Beaux de Provence






x (aix?),



4 thoughts on “When in Aix-en-Provence: I

  1. This was amazing to read! I also recently spent some time in France (only 11 days though, I’m jealous you got to go for 3 weeks!!)! I loved hearing about your experience and you have inspired me to write my own blog post! Thank you for this post! -A x

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