sunday tunes: Oohyo (k-indie)

everyone needs a song. everyone needs a story.

ENTS by Oohyo

as i often (half-heartedly) complain, i’m always (intentionally) bumping into good music. since summer is soon and i’m going to have more time, i decided to start a thing called “sunday tunes”, which will feature random song recs (or spotify playlists) from meeeee.

today’s artist is Oohyo (click here for her Bandcamp page), a korean indie artist.


she is someone i just discovered this thursday, thanks to Rapmonster from BTS.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.47.39 PM.png
Rapmon likes to recommend songs under the hashtag #RMusic, and this week he tweeted Dandelion by Oohyo and Who Do You Love by The Black Skirts.

1. seaside (my personal fav. it’s just so pretty)

2. pizza (for a sunday sleep-in)

3. ENTS (for a sunny morning)

3. Teddy Bear Rises (for brunch…in korean, very airy and cute)

5. Uto (mmmm for dancing around the kitchen with a cup of coffee)

about her

OOHYO is a singer songwriter based in Seoul, South Korea. she is 21 years old, and is emerging as the new genius in the korean music industry. her albums merge genres like synthpop, electronic and indie pop, and feature both english and korean songs. she has lived in the states for six and a half years.

she has a iridescent voice- it’s so refreshing and pretty, and her lyrics always accurately convey certain feelings or send positive messages. she’s only revealed a few (extremely adorable) childhood photos.


bits n’ pieces

i was watching her video Youth (DAY), and found that she wrote this blurb in the Youtube description box:

Youth turns out to be far less exciting and far more unstable than we expect.
When we realize the weight of our lives, the weakness within ourselves, we feel small and suffer.
There is something important about these difficulties and that is for whom we overcome them.
Recently I began to strive for youth with an open mind, not getting trapped inside my own self,
rather than youth dedicated to worrying about what’s to come and planning only for my future.
I hope the young people, including myself, get to make the time on our hands most interesting and meaningful,
and stop obsessing over how hurt we have been in the past, how different we are from others at the moment,
and how successful we push ourselves to become in the future.

hope you enjoy!





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