journal excerpts

the consistency of summer has made me lazy. the viscosity of heat, the stubbornness of rain, the easiness of using jet lag as an excuse to be even lazier.

june 8 2017:

lyrics from 네시 (4 O’CLOCK by RM&V):

“The nameless bird/ singing in the dusky park…”

“Yes we’re livin’ and dyin’/ At the same time/ But you can open your eyes now/ Because liek the dialogue in a movie/ In that moonlight the whole world/ Is blue

june 11 2017:

“today was a good day!”

“it is currently 12:03am. a light sweat since it is SUMMER!”


june 13 2017:

“Writing sometimes stresses me out because so many things happen inside my head and it’s hard to even channel them to an outlet.”

june 25 2017:

“maybe it’s time to recognize that personal connections and revelations come in different shapes and forms, and one type doesn’t necessarily mean more than another- someone telling you about their favourite book could mean just as much as them spilling all the deets about their exes.”

june 27 2017:

“jet lag: sleep is now like a beast that i need to train and harness.

stay up too late and i won’t feel sleepy at all- i would rush past the station, where like a train, the mind glides into the silky and dark terrain of subconsciousness.

nap during the day and i wouldn’t want to wake up… when languor becomes so dense it feels like a coma.”sleep

“the texture of summer:

  • jamming to my “.’ playlist with my mom, which consists of a collection of 80s and 90s pop. her twerking and bobbing her head to “Don’t Go Breaking My heart” and lip syncing to “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, while we are working out in the park.
  • looking at my baby photos with my friend and laughing my head off
  • literally having a breakdown storming through the house looking for my ring in the middle of the night because i left it at the sink by accident.”elton_john_kiki_dee-dont_go_breaking_my_heart_s_9.jpg




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