The Four Locations of Time

Inspired by the four locations in Northrop Frye’s book Words with Power. Basically, he envisioned these four mythic locations for literature: the Garden, the Furnace, the Cave and the Mountain.  Here I tried to trace the trace of Time in our lives with four metaphorical images/locations. So during your lifetime your Time may flow to different places. The mundane life happens in the facade. The melodrama is … Continue reading The Four Locations of Time

Can You Paint with All the Colours of Taiwan- Downtown Taipei

This August I went to Taiwan. And ever since I got back I’ve been regurgitating on the texture and colours of the place. We spent a lot of our time in Taipei. Taipei is a bit different from what I expected, in that the city is much older than what I pictured. Ximending Shopping District We spent four nights in Ximending, a popular shopping district. … Continue reading Can You Paint with All the Colours of Taiwan- Downtown Taipei

A Craving

I think that’s how they call it. You start off, a bubble in my stomach: the smells of hot air, new books, old movies and my new body cream,- pamplemousse rhubarbe, grapefruit and rhubarb, sharp like Quebec French. And very impatient.   Like the Chips Ahoy! cookies on my shelf, I know exactly where you are. Against the wall? In a plastic bag? 4cm from … Continue reading A Craving