The Void

At first it’s like any other day. You wake up, shower, start to brew your morning cup of coffee, and that’s when you notice—outside the window, there’s nothing there. Just an endless black void. What happened? Where are you? How do you get back to reality? “Well, ha, that!…” Liv says. They both laugh dryly, and it’s that point again. Where the 6-am-everyone-is-tired-but-trying-to-hide-it conversation gets … Continue reading The Void


Often you awake in the morning a completely different person. Your brain grasps a new wisp of trick the day before, a corner of you gets rewired, and you’re different. And even more often, you tend to forget the previous versions of yourself, or you just choose to forget. Who knows? The first thing you reach for is your phone, always. On the brim of … Continue reading Rude